When will I get access to the remaining Accountability videos for Time Blocking Mastery?

We see you're an overachiever... AWESOME!

Here is how the course is laid out.

As soon as you sign up for Time Blocking Mastery, you will receive access to all the videos in The Foundations as well as Week 1 of The Accountability Series called "Picking Your ONE Thing". 

This is your content for the first 7 days and will give you everything you need to understand Time Blocking (The Foundations) and you get into action (Picking Your ONE Thing).

Invest the rest of your time in week 1 taking action on the course material you've received so far.

At the beginning of week 2 (day 8, exactly 1 week after you first got access to Time Blocking Mastery) the second accountability video will be released to you called "Setting Your Environment Up for Success".

You will watch that ONE video, and then take action for the week.

Moving forward, you will receive ONE accountability video a week for a total of 10 weeks.

Why 10 weeks? Because research shows it takes, on average 66 days to form a habit (or 10 weeks).

We intentionally chose to release ONE accountability video a week because becoming a master of your time is not about consuming content...


So the entire Accountability Series is designed to provide you with weekly coaching while you make your ONE thing a powerful habit that sticks.

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